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class 10 / four wheel drive super buggy,truck, tons of parts

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class 10 / four wheel drive super buggy,truck, tons of parts Empty class 10 / four wheel drive super buggy,truck, tons of parts

Post by pontoontodd Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:31 pm

Selling off road race car and hauler. Legal in MAORA class 10 and other series. No longer legal in TORC, MORR, LOORRS super buggy/pro buggy. 220hp Honda B series engine - several carbs and intakes, Hondata EFI system. 1800#, 7' wide, five speed sequential shift dog engagement transmission, inboard brakes, 18" of suspension travel front and rear. Includes enough spare parts to build another car or two.

Pictures and videos of the car in action:

Also selling hauler - 1987 GMC 7000 medium duty truck, 427 big block chevy, about 210k miles. 24 foot box, front portion is an RV with bunks, shower, fridge, microwave, and sink, rear portion large enough for the race car. Honda 4000 watt quiet generator, 3hp air compressor. Holds 250 gallons of water, tons of spare parts, toolboxes, etc.

Serious inquiries only. 815 six three nine nine one eight three.

Full parts list:
most counts of 20pcs or more that are round numbers are estimated
unless otherwise noted:
all parts are used but good many are unused but not in original boxes or bags
parts listed are spare parts, for the most part this does not include parts on the complete car

engines unless otherwise noted all rocker arms are mechanically locked (VTEC killer) aftermarket pistons are high compression
B16 aftermarket crank, rods, pistons, cams, springs, retainers, roller rockers 14:1, 230HP originally built by Redline Performance, ran one race
B16 aftermarket crank, rods, pistons, cams, springs, retainers, roller rockers thrown rod, damage unknown
B20VTEC aftermarket crank, rods, pistons, cams, sleeved B18 block 84.5mm 13:1, 230HP low on compression rings on order, plan on honing & re ringing
B20VTEC mostly stock thrown rod, damage unknown currently in car
B20 stock bottom end assembled

complete VTEC head with aluminum rockers ported one combustion chamber destroyed
stock VTEC head worn guides, no rockers
stock B16A head no cams, no center rockers, has valve cover, VTEC solenoid
aftermarket cams with adjustable pulleys
2 sets adjustable cam pulleys
Ferrea springs and retainers, missing one retainer
12 new Ferrea exhaust valves
5 new Ferrea intake valves
8 sets valve springs stock and aftermarket sorted by rate and height
2 sets aftermarket retainers sorted by weight
1 set stock retainers
3 sets VTEC plungers
set lightened Honda rockers
set Ferrea springs and retainers for Wik cams
2 sets stock cams
set Wik cams
2 sets rocker shafts
4 sets stock cam pulleys

13 B16, B20, B18 blocks most have either hole in side or bores out of round
NIB set 81mm Wiseco pistons K593M81AP
2 81mm Wiseco pistons, pins, rings used
Wiseco pistons 81mm? (1 bad)
good set B20Z rods, pistons, rings
good set B20Z rods, pistons, main caps
good set B20Z rods, pistons, main caps (1 bad rod?)
good set B20Z rods, pistons, rings (1 broken piston)
set B18 stock rods, pistons, rings (1 bad rod)
3 sets B16 stock pistons & rods (2 bad rods?)
set B16 high compression aftermarket pistons & rings, stock rods (1 bad?), main caps
set B16 high compression aftermarket pistons & rings, pins
set B18A stock pistons, pins, rings (1 broken piston)
various used piston rings
set Eagle rods 5.531
7 5.290 Eagle rods (4 bad)
3 Eagle rods 5.531
3 stock rods PR3 38
set stock B16A pistons, rings, pins (1 broken)
set wiseco 81.5mm pistons, pins, rings
good stock crank
stock B16 crank
stock B20 crank
3 B20Z rods
81mm rings for one piston
81.5mm rings for two pistons

Hondata ECU
Honda throttle body w/ TPS and MAP sensor
Honda throttle body w/o sensors
Skunk2 Alpha throttle body w/o sensors new?
bad ECU
B16A intake with throttle body

5 aluminum crank pulleys
7 stock crank pulleys
10 oil pumps
5 VTEC solenoids
various used timing belts
new Gates T227 RB timing belt
distributor and plug wires
new distributor cap
Honda fuel rail
8 Honda injectors
Honda starters 1 good, 2 bad, 1 parts
Honda alternator
5 new alternator belts
5 used alternator belts
set new NGK plug wires RC-HE64
flywheel dust shield
2 intake gaskets
lots of plugs and fasteners for B series
stock exhaust manifold cast w/ O2 sensors
stock exhaust manifold stamped
2 windage trays
3 crank scrapers
oil pan
2 valve covers
ported oil pump
valve cover
water pump
accesory brackets
Aluminum fabricated oil pan with baffles, high capacity, custom pickup built by Redline Performance (does not fit buggy)
Aluminum billet finned oil pan
3 sets main caps
6 sets plastic timing belt covers
12 water pumps
4 sets stock rockers & pins
1 stock rocker shaft
10 lower timing belt pulleys
various bolts, idlers, sensors
7 Crankcase breather boxes
oil cooler / filter sandwich adapters
motor mounts
Block to bellhousing braces
NIB Felpro oil pan gasket 05 30630 R
NIB Mr Gasket head gasket B18A1/B2
2 NIB Cometic head gaskets .040 81mm
10 rear seals w/ casting
6 coolant tubes
8 water necks
7 distributors

ACL race bearings (engine sets):
1.5 5M1959H-STD
1 5M1959H-.25
1 4B1946H-STD
0.75 4B1946HX-STD
0.75 4B1946H-.25
Set Clevite MS-2095HX
2.5 sets new Calico coated rod bearings 4B1946HX
set used Calico coated rod bearings 4B1946HX
various used but good bearings

NGK spark plug sets NIB
8 heat range 7
3 heat range 8
12 heat range 9
8 heat range 11

3.25 Goodson 120 grit flexhone

NIB Honda:
1 B16 timing belt Honda NIB
1 B20 timing belt Honda NIB
Honda coil NIB 30510-PT2-006
oil filter
2 cam seals
2 oil pump pickup gaskets
oil pan gasket
2 bellhousing dowels
5 cam cap dowels
1 clutch pilot bearing
2 manifold studs 92900-080251B
16 manifold studs 90026-PE0-000
6 cam cap bolts and studs
2 intake gaskets

distributor, fuel pump, intake manifold, carb, and air filter jetted for B20
Weber 45 DCOE w/ air horns, extra new float NIB
Edelbrock 4764 intake w/ throttle body welded to opposite end of plenum
3 downdraft intakes for 44 IDF
sidedraft intake for DCOE

44 IDF carb parts
Complete 44 IDF tuned for B16
Complete 44 IDF
base for cone air filter
6 emulsion tubes
8 float needle & seat valves
23 pairs of air jets (0-255)
26 pairs of main jets (130-380)
6 pairs of idle jets (40-130)
4 pairs of accelerator pump jets (40-105)
1 pair venturis
rebuild kit
base gaskets
new R2C cone filter
4 used R2C cone filter
2 air filter bases & caps IDF for oval air filter stamped chrome
air filter base & cap IDF for oval air filter billet aluminum
12 venturis
6 velocity stacks
4 aluminum billet cone air filter bases

1 complete trans w/ shifter & bellhousing
1 complete trans w/o shifter & bellhousing
2 bellhousing castings
1 engine mount plate
44 dog rings
7 forks
2 input shafts
2 pinion shafts
2 center plates
4 fork shafts
6 output flanges
3 shifter housings
12 dog hubs
1 set bearings & seals
10 ring and pinion sets, 3 different ratios used & new

differentials all have oversized splines on CV flanges/spools
2 R180 diff with spool and flanges
3 ring gears
pinion gear
12 side bearing caps
20 side shims
5 input flanges
3 caliper brackets
8 output flanges
5 spools
10 output flange snaprings

S10 front differential with spool and flanges
2 S10 front diffs with 3.42 gears, housing doesn't fit car
S10 empty front diff housing doesn't fit car
S10 front diff with spool and flanges, broken case
S10 front diff incomplete 3.73 gears
8 output flanges
6 pinion yokes
S10 spool
3 caliper brackets
3 sets of bolts
2 sets of mount spacers

CVs / axles
2 front axles
2 rear axles
20 axle shafts new, used, different lengths
3 outboard CVs assembled and greased
40 outboard CV cages
6 outboard CV races w/ snaprings
150 outboard CV balls
100 outboard CV balls +0.001
100 outboard CV balls +0.002
100 outboard CV balls +0.003
20 outboard CV cages old design
20 outboard CV races old design
14 outboard CV housings reworked / good
16 outboard CV boots
30 outboard CV snaprings
9 inboard CV boots BAT100
3 inboard CV tripods
50 inboard CV rollers loaded with needle bearings
23 inboard CV tripods assembled with rollers
5 inboard CV housings
22 inboard CV retainer plates
30 inboard CV bolts
front u joint driveshaft
2 assembled rear driveshafts
9 driveshaft boots
27 driveshaft tripods assembled
50 driveshaft rollers
5 driveshaft weld stubs
21 driveshaft tripod housings
10 driveshaft retainer plates
4 driveshaft splined shafts for rear
20 driveshaft snaprings

suspension Wide 5 bolt pattern is stock car wide 5, 5 x 10.25 8 bolt pattern is one ton truck pattern, 8 x 6.5
4 aluminum wide 5 hubs w/ studs
1 steel wide 5 hubs w/ studs
3 steel hubs 8 bolt
6 aluminum wide 5 hubs
9 uprights
4 Hub / upright assemblies with 8 bolt truck bolt pattern
4 old design uprights for 8 bolt hubs
2 swaybars with bushings
swaybar bushing set
6 tie rods
5 arm adjusters and jamnuts
6 pair custom wheel bearings
3 upright cores (& 6 old design)
7 upright studs (& 20 old design)
12 lower arm bushings
welding jig for upper and lower a-arms, uprights
11 upper control arms
4 lower control arms

Sway a way shocks 2 threaded body coil overs 12 shocks restricted to 10 travel
fronts are emulsion
rears have remote reservoirs and internal bypass
shims, screws, o rings, etc in two organized plastic cases
2 rear shocks with springs
1 front shock with springs leaks?
2 rear shocks old design
16 sway a way shock with coil over kit
20 2.5 ID coil springs 8-14 long 100-400#/in
2 Eibach EBS 770047 bump stops NIB
4 2 coil over kits
7 quarts Redline med 10wt shock oil
10 bump stops
30 screws for plugging piston bleed holes
5 orifices for hoses
4 shock tops
25 locknuts for shock piston
25 spacer bushings for loop / balljoint mounts
5 small pistons
3 standard pistons
7 piston wear bands
6 plugs for shock bodies
rear shock shaft
Front shock shaft
2 shock shafts
4 sets orings and seals
150 commonly replaced o rings
gland, threaded wiper cap, gland bushing
40 bolts for threaded wiper cap
3 balljoints for loop ends
3 schraeder valves
1 billet aluminum schraeder valve cap
600 Shims 0.90x.008 to 1.65 x .020
8 shock bodies

FK rod ends and ball joints, most NIB
8 CM-3
5 CF-3
11 CM4
2 NJM4
2 CM5 & 4 used
2 CML5 & 4 used
2 CF5
2 3/8 male rod ends & 14 used
12 HRSMX8T & 2 used
41 CMXL10-8T & 1 used
24 HIN12T & 5 used
8 LH 5/8 jamnuts
12 RH 5/8 jamnuts
50 worn out balljoints and rod ends

wheels are 16 x 7 with outer beadlock ring Wide 5 bolt pattern is stock car wide 5, 5 x 10.25 8 bolt pattern is one ton truck pattern, 8 x 6.5
8 spun aluminum 8 bolt wheels with beadlocks most are cracked or bent
4 Alcoa forged aluminum 8 bolt wheels with beadlocks
3 beadlock rings
5 spun aluminum cracked/bent 5 bolt wheels with beadlock
spun aluminum 5 bolt wheel with beadlock wrong offset
9 spun aluminum 5 bolt wheel with beadlock (3 slightly bent, 4 on car)

tires are 235/70/16 BFGoodrich unless otherwise noted
4 all terrain grooved with inner tubes
2 mud terrain grooved, like new
mud terrain heavily grooved
2 all terrain grooved
2 all terrain with bulge in sidewall
all terrain with bad bead?
all terrain bad?

2 225/70/16 all terrains like new wrapped in plastic
5 265/75/16 mud terrain like new with inner tubes (on car)
new inner tube
patched inner tube

CNC master cylinder dual 3/4
CNC master cylinder dual 7/8
8 brake discs
4 Wilwood Dynalite single calipers
caliper parts halves, pistons, bolts, fittings, shims
4 Wilwood bleeder screws NIB
8 new BP20 compound pads
8 used BP20 compound pads
8 used E compound pads
15 brake pads
10 short hard brake lines

NIB Competition clutch billet flywheel, pressure plate 8026-1620
NIB ACT clutch disc 3000105 & 1 used good disc
Bahnhoff pressure plate
2 sprung hub 6 puck clutch discs
aftermarket pressure plate
clutch hose? NIB Honda 46961-S04-A50
clutch master cylinder
clutch slave cylinder

2 MSD 6M-2L (6560) ignition boxes
MSD tach adapter
MSD RPM window switch
wiring from about 6 MSD boxes/kits

NIB Autometer water temp gauge 4437
NIB Autometer oil pressure gauge 4427

2 KC 6 daylighters converted to HID
2 KC 6 daylighter shells
4 KC 6 covers plastic
4 KC 6 covers fabric
KC pencil beam lens 6 NIB
Parker fresh air hose NIB

2 gallon plastic fuel cell
5 gallon aluminum can / plastic bladder fuel cell
Carter 4070 fuel pump w/ bracket
Carter ?? fuel pump w/ bracket
Walbro FRC-6-1 transfer fuel pump
Zirgo ZFU16S 16 electric fan
2 used ZFU16S fans?
Deka AGM ETX29L 310CCA battery
fresh air fan
complete Corsa electric power steering column with ECU and wiring
Corsa electric power steering ECU
4 silicone 90 elbow new
Longacre curved mirror 12?
oil cooler and hoses
throttle cable (sticky)
2 exhaust systems
3 hole exhaust collector gaskets
fuel filters and breather filters
2 new rack bushings
used aluminum rack housing end with bushing
2 steering rack input shafts
2 sets rack gears
rack bearings, seals, pins, screws
2 NIB radiator caps
used radiator cap
2 steering wheels
fire extinguisher 2# auto B&C
silicone hose elbows w/ aluminum tubes for carb setup
steering column (splined tube)
steering rack assembly
5 pair weld in frame couplers 1.5 x .095?
2 pair diff mounts
4 rack bushings
front, rear, both side bumpers
2 sets body panels
pair of window nets

2 Vertex standard VX160 handheld radios w/ chargers, extra batteries, one headset
charger for mylaps transponder
orange transponder
48 x 96 aluminum wing designed by Boeing engineer Estimated 800 pounds downforce 40 pounds drag at 60mph
custom built compact engine/trans crane
quick jack
Regulator / hose / chuck for charging shocks
75/25 inert gas tank?

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