April 2013 Race Results

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Re: April 2013 Race Results

Post by pjohnson66 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:45 am

Thanks Dave for the report. I wanted to come but recovery has been slow. We are trying to get our cars done but with all that has happened its going slow. Dave call me some time when you get a chance we started a powder coating shop and i would like to talk to you. my number is 1-812-583-1017


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April 2013 Race Results

Post by KING coors on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:28 am

I would like to first start off by saying thank you to all those who came out and participated in this past weekends event. Saturday morning didn't look too promising as the track was very muddy and we had a chilly start. But the sun came out and with some tractor help from Jerry Weaver the track turned out great. Heat 1 was a little tricky but it quickly dried up and was perfect. Thank you Jerry you were a big help. After Saturdays race all the 10's broke and a couple of 1600's so Sundays race was consisted of 1600's and 1 truck. But let me just tell you they put on one hell of a show. Pat Welch #396 and Terry Fitzgerald #311 battled it out the whole race. Terry rolled pretty hard in heat 1 but he didn't let that stop him. And the end result was Pat won. Great job guys.
As of right now we do not have any contingency sponsors for this season. If any one would like to volunteer in being a contingency director please let us know. Brandon has started his own business and does not have time for the position. Thank you Brandon for all that you have done it is appreciated.
I've got some big plans for the Memorial weekend race it is going to be a 2 day short course event. We will be posting information on the forum as decisions are made. We are making an effort to get everything posted on the front page but please keep your eyes on the forum for further details.
Class 10 1st place Mike Lucas (25 pts.), 2nd place Kevin Hall (22 pts.), and 3rd place David Bruner (19 pts.)
Class 1600 1st place Terry Fitzgerald (25 pts.), 2nd place Pat Welch (22 pts.), 3rd place Juan Rivero (19 pts.)
Class 7S 1st place Dirk Carlen (10 pts.)
Class 1600 1st place Pat Welch (25 pts.), 2nd place Terry Fitzgerald (22 pts.), 3rd place Hector Nale (19 pts.)
Class 7S 1st place Dirk Carlen (10 pts.)
Once again congratulations to everyone and thank you to all those who help me. king
KING coors
KING coors

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